Tiramisu Exquis

(Exquisite Tiramisu)

Sitting in the boudoir of her house in Lombardy,
Selena took a book on exquisite pleasures.

There was something for everybody’s taste and to satisfy even the most refined,
Then she randomly opened a chapter and saw it.

Just as Venetian gondolas do, words kept slipping before her eyes.
Amaretto, coffee and cocoa, creamy mascarpone…

She leaped up and went towards the kitchen.
She looked for the ingredients among the flour sacks.

All of a sudden, she lifted her head a little anxious.
Would she arrive in time to buy a carton of eggs?



Clove, Coffee, Cocoa, Calamus, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Labdanum, Gaiac wood


I wanted to create a perfume with the smell of this delicious Italian dessert: Tiramisù. I imagined it in a slightly sweetened version. The coffee note is softened by chocolate and vanilla-flavoured sandalwood. The “cake” note is created by the calamus. The exquisite pleasure is a spicy temptation which underlines the clove.


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