Biche Criminelle

Tigre du Paradis

(Paradise Tiger)

A big hungry tiger had been walking for days now.
The forest was destroyed and he could not find anything to sink his teeth into.
Approaching the village, he saw an opportunity for revenge,
He saw those men who would not stop to threaten him every day.

The tribe’s magician saw him and cast a spell on him,
Just before the tiger spread death around him.
All his fur had become deep, bright blue,
Scared of that colour, he went towards the old man.

The tiger had to bring a blue bird of paradise,
If he wanted to see his flame-orange fur again.
Without asking questions, the feline fled into the night.
He ran among vines and waterfalls, looking for the bird of paradise.

One morning, a pleasant crystalline melody broke his sleep,
He couldn’t believe his eyes: the bird was right there.
He jumped and caught it, and began his journey back to the village.
On the way, he told the bird everything about the story of his coat.

The bird sensed the magician’s death,
Therefore he told the tiger he could change his fate, too.
If he released him, the bird would have offered him a new life
Where he’d become the most beautiful animal of paradise.

The tiger hesitated, he wanted his colour back,
But going back to the village could be a mistake.
Therefore he listened and released the bird,
Who said a few words while spreading his wings.

A gold dust surrounded the tiger,
His fur had changed into nice thin hair.
His legs covered with a hundred of blue feathers,
Pushed him up high, over the mountains, in a majestic flight.



Black Pepper, Artemisia, Jasmine, Labdanums, Civet, Amber, Mate, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Vetiver


I wanted to create a perfume that takes us to the jungle where the tiger goes looking for the bird. A deep green jungle, both dark and magic. The aroma of green lianas twists around giant white flowers. Ferns are spicy and wooden parks litter the soil to form thick and dense humus. Then, resins warm up this ambiance to change the atmosphere once we leave the forest with our wings.


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