Terres d’Eïjah

(Eïjah’s Land)

A legend tells that in the distant land of Eijah,
As soon as night falls, a green halo lights up in the cold.
The oldest claim that is a hidden treasure,
Located at the bottom of a small cave, on steep slopes.
No man has ever come back from this quest alive,
Since many are the dangers that await along the way.
Young Fidhj went off to the mountains, too,
Breaking his family and fiancée’s hearts for ever.
The agility and strength inherited from his ancestors,
Saved his life when he slipped off the edge of the ridge.
He fell along the ridge above, exhausted and weakened.
And when he finally regained consciousness, it was already dark.
A few steps away, a bright green light blinded him,
The entrance to the cave was there, before his eyes, right in front of him.
With his heart racing, he went towards the bright treasure.
That in a cloud of fireflies flew away to the sky.



Mint, Green Mandarin, Strawberry Gum, Blue Cypress, Labdanum, Black Pin, Olibanum, Gaiac wood


I wanted to create a fragrance that reminds of the mountain and its vegetation with resinous trees. Pines, green and the smell of altitude. The air is dry and dense and it illustrates the progression of the hero. The snow is heavy and he has to walk towards the green light. Will we find the treasure in the midst of resines, too?


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