Flores Fusilia

This strange flower hidden in the rock,
Looks as if it came directly from a molten star,
Its articulate stems cling to me all around,
I’m drawn to them and they make me lose my mind.

Its petals like a lava fountain,
Its pistils decorated with a flaming comet,
They penetrate my eyes indecently,
They burn my irides that have become incandescent.

The flower acts as a c’heart’nivorous plant,
My soul is consumed at each one of my thoughts.
I cannot escape from it while it devours me,
And I allow it to consume me since I love being possessed by it.



Rose, Geranium, Green Mandarin, Lavender, Incense, Labdanum, Amber, Sandalwood


I wanted to give birth to a perfume that acts as the flower of history: it flares, it burns. An elusive flower. It is resinous and sticks to our skin to possess us to the last drop.


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