Escale Dangereuse

(A Dangerous Stop)

The air was heavy near the counter,
The sweet smell of the smoke of cigars
Permeated the soft exotic fabric,
brought from distant dream lands.

Daydreaming with a glass of rhum in her hand,
She was looking at the sailors inattentively
They were euphoric because they were back on dry land,
And had left the solitude of the sea behind them.

He looked at her and asked her to dance,
Lifting the fabric of her wrinkled dress
She approached him and caressed his prickly beard,
from which she could smell a fragrance of intoxicating flowers.

And the more the alcohol traveled through their body,
The more the sailor showed off his golden jewels
Tinkling as if they were little bells of hope,
For the girl who only works at night.

Paying their last dance with a gold coin,
He took her into a warm and intense night.
With a sleepy feeling caused by the effects of drinking and smoking,
The sailor let himself sink.

The gold was shining with the gleam of the candles,
As was the blade dangling from his belt.
Their eyes stopped during one last kiss,
It was time for her to leave him.



Nutmeg, Ginger, Olibanum, Labdanum, Gaiac wood, Tobacco, Peru Balsam


I wanted to create a scent such as a bouquet of invigorating aromas, impregnating a mesmerizing gypsy dancer’s long hair.
The smell of tobacco and the smell of spicy floral notes whirl and dance together, then they warm up throughout the night to continue with the journey and stop at the next port.


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