Dessert Mortel

(Lethal Dessert)

The clock struck eight in Kirsbury’s castle
The cutlery reflected the light of the sunset.
Lady Camilla was peacefully having dinner with her husband
The dessert arrived, it was a cake as dark as the night.
She had prepared this parfait thinking of him,
The chocolate was shining beautifully in the candlelight.
She knew that after that meal everything would be over.
She smiled, thinking about her future new life,
In a few months, her lover would meet her here.
As always, Lord Byron finished his dinner with a fruit.
He showed a surprised look while he ate a crunchy fourth.
The widow kissed his husband and whispered… “thank you”.



Blood Orange, White Cognac, Cocoa, Yerba Mate, Incense, Tobacco, Sandalwood


I wanted to create the smell of a poisoned chocolate cake. The last part of the dessert that you taste with the smoke of a cigar and the amber of cognac. The blood orange slides over the chocolate to the rhythm of the heartbeat and then it vanishes in the thickness of tobacco softened by sandalwood.


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