Dernière Embarcation

(The Last Vessel)

The south wind had been blowing for a long time.
It was absolutely imperative to keep going,
The vessel had to go back to the coast on time.
They could not leave their loot sink.

The waves made the huge ship swing,
The sails would snap each time the wind blew.
They were about to get back from the mission,
When suddenly the captain became paler and paler.

He looked at his crew with the monocular in his hand,
Everyone stopped and raised worried looks,
On the deck, there were sailors of all ages.
Everyone understood when they saw the flag floating.

The enemy arrived so fast led by the wind,
The younger ones were loading the cannons;
The elderly were ready to spill blood,
They would never have let themselves be prisoners.

A first ball reached very hard the ship’s hold,
Where they would store weapons and gunpowder.
A few seconds after, the explosion was fatal to them,
Everyone found themselves ejected with all the fish.

Clinging to the floating pieces of wood all around,
They looked at the open coffers sank into the ocean.
The enemy crew was picking up what was left on surface,
Leaving the ocean currents decide on the fate of the survivors.



Seaweed, Bergamot, Cedrat, Lavender, Saffron, Blue Cypress, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Gaiac wood, Birch


I wanted to create a perfume that immerses us in the ocean. As the sailor who sinks after the attack, the seaweed makes us its prisoners. A piece of floating wood on the surface is finally within our reach. We must hold on to it with all our strength, hoping we can return to land again before it is too late…


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