Launched in 2017, Fleur de Point is an original creation that mixes words with smells.
Each work starts with a text that tells the story of an instant of life, of a vision of nature, or simply of the world around us.
Each story is therefore reinterpreted through olfaction to become a perfume.
The reader/scent is free to choose how to live the experience!


I wanted to bring a secondary dimension to the texts, by giving them the opportunity to endure after the reading.
I also wanted the olfactory creations to have a real story.
The person smelling and reading is immersed in the work and the experience is thus more intense.
3 perfumes of the concept are born in 2018 so that “perfume you with the words” can be reality everyday 🙂


I’m not a poet nor a perfumer. I am just the creator of a concept linking two things I personally 


love, that is, smelling and writing.
It is a real pleasure for me to create each piece in order to offer a pleasant instant, a moment of discovery.
Today the adventure continues and ideas are always in preparation for the future…

#Collection 1

Through the large pines, you can spot it, Discreetly, from the first gleams of the night, Taking the only path that leads to the river. […]

The air was heavy near the counter, The sweet smell of the smoke of cigars Permeated the soft exotic fabric, brought from distant […]


Full of enthusiasm, she shines with her jewels. So happy, she calls him honey. With passion, she throws her arms around him. So clever […]


He is the ruler of the Colchis Kingdom, Cruising down the riverside at the beginning of the day, In search of a new destiny […]


Woven by tradition, she decided to make some trousers. With her hot tight cotton, she dressed the companions. Dyed in different […]


In the ebony night, she walks, The neon light dances on the wet asphalt. Close to the glass, she bends over, He invites her for […]


Slipping on the hot and dark bark, Attracted by the dampness of dawn, The Python ripples and dances […]


All of a sudden, all the forest has darkened, The birds have flown without a sound. The rhythm of hooves can be heard from […]


The vestiges of a gone modernity Now leave room for erected ruins; The window panes lay broken In ancient […]

#Collection 2


At number 9, rue Tverskaïa, stood a small shop, From which hot steam and […]


From the prison’s window, Goliath was looking at the sky. Johanne had […]


A legend tells that in the distant land of Eïjah, As soon as night falls, a green […]


A big hungry tiger had been walking for days now. The forest was destroyed and he could  […]


Sitting in the boudoir of her house in Lombardy, Selena took a book on exquisite pleasures. […]


She was bathing in the red lights near the piano bar. Whisky was running in the glasses on […]


This strange flower hidden in the rock, Looks as if it came directly from a molten star, Its articulate stems cling to […]

The south wind had been blowing for a long time. It was absolutely imperative to keep going, The vessel had to go back […]

The clock struck eight in Kirsbury’s castle, The cutlery reflected the light of the sunset, Lady Camilla was peacefully […]