L’Arbre de Goliath

(Goliath’s Tree)

From the prison’s window, Goliath was looking at the sky.
Johanne had arranged it all, the day after he would have been far away;
Running away from his Louisiana and from his eternal memories.

Docked at the pier, the boat was waiting to set sail.
She offered him a magnolia, so he’d think about her;
She could not follow him, and had to take care of her mother.

After a long journey, he docked at Nantes.
He found a job as a gardener in an old mansion,
Where he planted the magnolia among the other plants.

With no news from his beloved, he finally received a letter.
Johanne’s mother wrote just a few words.
He read between the lines, and understood that he was not going to see her again.

The magnolia had grown bigger and every summer,
Goliath would pick some flowers from it to throw them into the sea,
With the hope that they would go to the one he had not stopped loving.



Magnolia, Olibanum, Elemi, Sandalwood, Labdanum, Cedar wood


I wanted to create a fragrance that reminds the smell of a magnolia. It starts with the magnolia in blossom with its spicy and sweet notes. It ends with the woody smell of the tree in late summer.


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