9 rue Tverskaïa

At number 9, rue Tverskaïa, stood a small shop,
From which hot steam and blue smoke escaped.
Antonin Kovsky had been serving tea there for years,
In a magic decor from the “Belle Époque” period.

One day, a woman arrived right after the opening,
Antonin stared at her through the fogged up windows.
While he approached her, he was struck by her golden eyes,
Which seemed to light up when she took off her fur coat.

While she was ordering a spicy tea and a piece of babka,
She told him she didn’t have the money to pay for it.
Therefore, he asked how she intended to pay.
The woman said she would use the sound of her voice.

Antonin immediately thought she was an artist,
And he wouldn’t mind if she payed her tea with her voice.
He served the tea and let himself be enchanted,
When he was putting the cup down, he caught her sad look.

After serving his specialties to his regular customers,
He noticed that the mysterious woman was gone.
He felt so silly and betrayed.
The rest of the day was as heavy as eternity.

As he was about to open his lounge, a black silhouette intrigued him.
He found a big cat waiting for him by the entrance.
Charmed by the intensity of its beautiful golden eyes,
He thought he heard the whisper of a woman when the cat purred.



Nutmeg, Ginger, Cumin, Black Tea, Orange Blossom, Incense, Labdanum, Amber, Vetiver, Musk, Yerba Mate


I wanted to create a perfume animated by the atmosphere of the shop. Spices, tea and the smell of mystical incense. The scent gets quite golden and warmer when it is time to curl up in the cat’s silky fur.

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