Au Pink Flamingo

Eau de Parfum – 1.7oz / 50mL

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Perfume Notes

Rose, Cumin, Coffee, Olibanum, Tobacco, Cedar wood, Labdanum, Amber, Musk, Birch

The story

(At Pink Flamingo)

She was bathing in the red lights near the piano bar
Whisky was running in the glasses on the counter
Tonight again, she was singing about love and hope
With a lost look among men and mirrors

It was dark and neon lights would light up the night
At Pink Flamingo’s she was dreaming of stars
A man in black entered and stopped near the corridor
When she stopped singing, he offered her a drink

He told her that every meeting happens for a reason
That she could follow him, that it was never too late
That he would wait for her at sunrise near the old lighthouse
When she walked on leaving the dark night behind her
A group of flamingos flew off the promontory

Perfume universe

I wanted to create a scent set in a cabaret. Dark, not so clean and melancholic… The smell of a singer’s make-up mixes with the coffee we drink while thinking about our late whiskey. Birch reminds us of the smell of smoke. Cumin reminds that of men crowding to see that woman who is going to sing on stage by the piano and who will make them dream.

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