Moleskine Authentique

(Authentic Moleskin)

Woven by tradition, she decided to make some trousers.
With her hot tight cotton, she dressed the companions.
Dyed in different colours for each profession,
The indigo version gave the bleu de chauffe its famous name.
If the origin of a word is sometimes far from what we think,
Moleskin is the simple definition of what it is.
The velvet leather with the smell of soil on a coat of cotton,
Which earned a good reputation for its solidity among artisans.



Mint, Lavender, Thyme, Labdanum, Vetiver, Cedar wood, Musk


I wanted to create a perfume that embodies the artisan trusted by the châtelain. The aromatic plants evoke the patient work on the land. The notes of wood evoke the maintenance of heritage. Musky notes evoke leisure, with the preparation of horses.


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