Faisan Royal

(Royal Pheasant)

He is the ruler of the Colchis Kingdom,
Cruising down the riverside at the beginning of the day,
In search of a new destiny at first light.

His copper feathers form a solid armor,
That he conceals in the middle of the huge greenery,
Or that he proudly shows off in the heart of nature.

When his scream pierces the thickness of the forest,
Alerting the animals that stand on guard,
He calls his beloved troop.

And flying high above the living water,
These congeners imitate him so they can follow him,
He is now leaving so he can reign over new shores.



Cloves, Bergamot, Lavender, Purples Notes, Elemi, Amber


I wanted to create a perfume that pays tribute to the wild pheasant, majestic yet fearful. The notes of purple symbolize all its nobility. The clove punctuates its start such as its scream, which we can hear before we even realize it. The incense and the amber leave behind a cape of softness, embroidered with feathers.


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