A big hungry tiger had been walking for days now. The forest was destroyed and he could not find anything to sink his teeth into. […]


Sitting in the boudoir of her house in Lombardy, Selena took a book on exquisite pleasures. […]


She was bathing in the red lights near the piano bar. Whisky was running in the glasses on the counter […]


At number 9, rue Tverskaïa, stood a small shop, From which hot steam and blue smoke escaped. […]


From the prison’s window, Goliath was looking at the sky. Johanne had arranged it all, the day after he would have been […]


A legend tells that in the distant land of Eïjah, As soon as night falls, a green halo lights up in the cold. […]


This strange flower hidden in the rock, Looks as if it came directly from a molten star, Its articulate stems cling to me all around, […]


The south wind had been blowing for a long time. It was absolutely imperative to keep going, The vessel had to go back […]


The clock struck eight in Kirsbury’s castle, The cutlery reflected the light of the sunset, Lady Camilla was peacefully having dinner […]


Through the large pines, you can spot it, Discreetly, from the first gleams of the night, Taking the only path that leads to the river.
The air was heavy near the counter, The sweet smell of the smoke of cigars Permeated the soft exotic fabric, brought from distant dream lands. […]
Full of enthusiasm, she shines with her jewels. So happy, she calls him honey. With passion, she throws her arms around him. So clever, she plans and thinks. […]
He is the ruler of the Colchis Kingdom, Cruising down the riverside at the beginning of the day, In search of a new destiny at first light. […]
Woven by tradition, she decided to make some trousers. With her hot tight cotton, she dressed the companions. Dyed in different colours for each profession […]
In the ebony night, she walks, The neon light dances on the wet asphalt. Close to the glass, she bends over, He invites her for a session… […]
Slipping on the hot and dark bark, Attracted by the dampness of dawn, The Python ripples and dances, Inspiring suspiciousness as he passes by. […]
All of a sudden, all the forest has darkened, The birds have flown without a sound. The rhythm of hooves can be heard from afar, Making everyone feel strong concern. […]
The vestiges of a gone modernity Now leave room for erected ruins; The window panes lay broken In ancient places of evaporated lives.[…]


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